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The following table consists of the document history since the first English version of TSS-WEB.

1.6 (current)13.3.2019DE + EN
1.515.8.2017DE + EN


31.12.2016DE + EN
  • New requirements for handling X.509 certificates (8.17)
  • Changes for agile Development (chapter 5)
  • “Use of Secure JavaScript APIs” moved from 8.4 (“Output Validation”) to 8.14 (“Client-Side Security”)
  • Various changes to chapter 6 ("Security Tests)
  • Security Auditor renamed in Security Officer + EN
  • Changes to CSP statements
  • CVSS scoring added to security of 3rd party components
  • New document layout
  • A lot of smaller changes to wording and fixed typos


  • New English translation is available
  • Complete review of all requirements with various changes
  • New protection profiles introduces
  • New changes for agile development
  • Changes to CSP header requirement
........... Release (German only)
0.938.9.2014DEInitial Draft Release (German only)

Details regarding the changes to the German documents (before v1.3.0) can be found here.

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